This firm was created in 2013. The principal and his associates, based on experience, focus on utilizing a proactive “intelligence led style” to support the achievement of success in protecting people and businesses against threats and risks. The world we live in is changing at an unprecedented rate. New risks have emerged on a a number of fronts. Understanding how to detect those risks and formulate decisions to avoid, mitigate and manage them is empirically critical to preventing or at least minimizing harm and loss. As associates, we are grounded in helping others through our clear vision in understanding dynamic and ongoing change in the business landscape and the consequences of unchecked risks. Our experience with strategies, products, solutions, technologies, processes and most importantly, how they evolve, is a focal point. We are “trusted advisors” that assess and understand the balance between unique business goals and associated risks. Our “vision”, experience and capabilities allow us to understand current, evolving and emerging criminal threats and risks. As associates, we clearly see the common risks of crime across industries. We leverage experience, knowledge, intelligence, technology and our network to define strategic direction for businesses in both the private and public sectors to achieve new success, independently or on a bridged basis, to provide meaningful results in detecting, preventing and managing the threats of cyber, physical or fraud related crime.