Intel Sharing

Intel Sharing Regarding Crime

Defeating Crime Requires Secure, Real-time Collaboration.

Since 911 we have all seen many great efforts made to create an increase in the Sharing of Intelligence. The formation of our Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was based upon the acknowledgement that “we failed to connect the dots”.

Furthermore, it was clearly understood that the way to shift from a reactive state to a state of proactive readiness requires the creation of “sharing models and infrastructures”. 

Yet, at the local level, businesses, consumers and the public sector can achieve more to facilitate the “Intel Share” regarding criminal activity that can contribute immediate value for many parties. As an example, the current system for “creating awareness” concerning “local crime events” such as Robbery, Burglary, Assaults, (Sexual and Violent) and Cybercrime usually involves  the “victim”, (a consumer or business), reporting it to law enforcement. Although a ‘government record is created, no “alerts” are offered to other local businesses or consumers that would increase their awareness. The current methodologies and technologies utilized for communicating crime information include social media, networking, and email to share the Intel data. Theses models typically provide minimal value as the data is often dated and in many instances, elements of valuable data are missing. The result does little to assist anyone (consumers, business or law enforcement) in becoming as informed as they could be much less allowing them to become both proactive and predictive.

Our firm has developed a secure Web-hosted Crime Intelligence platform that has been heralded as dynamic. Please contact us for more information.