We have modified our page from posting “News” about us to sharing information we feel is valuable for helping industries, businesses and people to #BeAware. We will be sharing information that affects business large and small along with everyday people. We will tag a post with an “Identifiers” that will indicate one of the four key areas of threats and crime; ” General Information, Physical, Fraud or Cyber”.


As much as 50% of the stimulus unemployment money may have been stolen, Axios reports



The US Department of Justice has elevated the threat of ransomware to equal terrorism.



Crime in The United States

On February 5, 2021 Vanderbilt University published a research report on Crime in The United States, the first research report done in 25 years. The information, relating to crime in 2017, was staggering; 120 Million Crimes, 24 Million of them Violent and a financial impact of $2.6 trillion.


Thieves Target ATMs Flush With Cash During Covid-19

Efforts to steal from cash machines surged in 2020; explosives and trucks increasingly used


Q&A: ATM Thefts On The Rise


NC lawmakers propose bill to make owning a skimming device a felony

Dollar stores a consistent haven for crime in Indianapolis