Visionary Leadership

Our firm has worked within the many verticals supporting Financial Institutions, Trade Associations, International Product, Solution and Service Providers, Public Sector LEA (Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement) and can support a wide range of services. Years of experience with small to large organizations and across industries, allow us to address procedural, operational, technical and regulatory related matters. In our experience, the shifting dynamic of the market in introducing new business strategies is fraught with risk. Our experts , as a team identify areas of priority and execute strategies that are innovative and “bend the curve”.

Intelligence Sharing Solution

Crime-Tel is a first-to-market, secure, web-hosted intranet platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that offers valuable functionality. It assists B2B businesses in “collaborating” with each other and Law Enforcement to identify Criminal Events and associated “Persons Of Interest” involved in crime. It is the first “Intelligence As A Service” (IaaS) of its kind in the private sector intelligence sharing space. Our company’s extensive industry experience has recognized that there is a tremendous “Gap” in allowing “Crime INTEL Sharing”.  This solution generates geo-location, industry specific information regarding “what” crime is happening, “when” it happens and “where” crime is occurring and who is responsible. Crime-Tel creates and distributes automated real-time alerts or “actionable intelligence”. It also allows users to share non-PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data quickly and easily based on the actions of persons of interest, (POI’s) and criminals, enabling faster detection, prevention and more timely intervention to mitigate further activities.

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